Victim Board Art has become the largest specialty board art printing business in the US. We have over 25 years of graphic designing, digital printing and surfboard industry experience. As a result, we have great in depth knowledge so we know what our customers want and how to deliver it. We take board art to a whole new level.

We’re the only premier board art company that specializes in high quality digital shortboard, longboard, wake surf, skim and SUP graphics printing for companies and individuals at a great price. Our graphics are specifically for laminating under the fiberglass during the board production process. We are the only all-inclusive board art company that provides graphics specifically for Surf, Wake Surf, Skim and SUP’s available on the widest variety of materials; ProLite Rice Paper, BriteLite Poly-Silk and Vibrant Vinyl. There are over 300 stock Victim graphics to choose from that  will be sure to enhance your boards.

We are here to help you with any of your board art needs from providing you with our premium stock Victim board art graphics to printing your own custom graphics board art graphics. We are your full-service board art department and our goal is to give you the most cost effective and highest quality graphics to make you or your customers happy. Check out the info below for more specific details on how to have the digital goods or send us an email.

“We’ve always had a passion for art and surfing, so it was only a matter of time for us to do some testing and come up with some solid solutions for the surfing community.”

- Keith Burnson



Keith was a college student who fell in love with surfing and everything it had to offer as a stress reliever. Art and creation has always been a passion and he wanted to merge those things for the surfboard community. Victim was the offspring that was produced from this dream which is now a reality. Yep and that’s how the story goes.


PJ is an avid surfer and has been surfing for over 20 years. In his early years he worked at local surf shops in FL and then owned a graphic t-shirt business. He also has close ties to the local surf community and surf shops. He likes unique fine art and insane graphics. In addition, PJ really enjoys working with his two favorite passions; surfing and art.