Keith Burnson Jan. 2, 2014

January Surf Spot – Puerto Rico

Well, its that time of the year and most of us are all surfing in wetsuits. Ya we know, as much as the technology has gotten better with suits being a bit more stretchy, they still are a bit of a pain to surf with and just more of a inconvenience. We always try to do a couple trips a year and look for those cheaper ones in-between seasons.

One spot that is always on the radar in the month of January is Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. We have been going to this magical spot for around 10 years and it never disappoints, if you book last minute. We usually stay at a place called El Faro and it’s right around all the killer breaks.

With over 10 plus spots to choose from you can’t go wrong and we would give you the names of those spots but that takes the fun out of you exploring and finding them yourselves, ha. So get ready, check this link below and make sure to check your favorite swell chart and get your ass to PR.
Check here for pics and info