Promotional Printing

One of our specialties is promotional surfboard graphics and what better way to promote products than on an eye catching surfboard. Promotional surfboards can be a powerful advertising tool to be used as display signs, raffle give-away prize, trophies and POP displays. We can provide you with fully custom surfboards that are complete with your promotional graphics or we can provide the graphic laminates to the surfboard shaper to complete. Here are some of our clients to let you know we mean business.

Our Material Options

BriteLite Poly Fabric @ $7 per sq. ft.
This is our premium material and a customer favorite, it’s a lightweight 2 oz. polyester white woven fabric. It’s 80% transparent, impervious and breathes well for easy lamination. BriteLite also provide moderate dent resistance. It’s ideal for the following applications; surfboards, SUP’s, skim boards, wake surfboards. All graphics from photos to simple black line art looks great on briteLite. It’s compatible with polyester and epoxy resins.

ProLite Rice Paper @ $6 per sq. ft
Is a silky 1.2 oz. extremely lightweight silky rice paper. 95% transparent and Colors are not as bright and slightly muted, ideal for dark logos.

Vibrant Vinyl @ $8 per sq. ft
This material is 2 mil. thick bright white 100% opacity glossy marine grade waterproof vinyl. It’s similar to car and boat wraps, it can be applied to finished new and used boards. It is very durable and easy to apply. Vibrant Vinyl has tiny micro pin holes that enable it to be applied very easy without getting air bubbles. Ideal for promotional display boards, wall hanger art boards but is also very functional and can be used in the water.

Art File Requirements

You can submit many different types of files to us, (AI, PSD, JPEG, PDF, TIFF) most other formats can be converted into a usable format. The easiest would be a JPEG at 300 DPI preferred.

Design Layout

The artwork should be setup for exact print size you want so we do not have to re-size your graphic file. Setup your file as a rectangle. Your graphic can be up to 29 inches wide by any length. (You can trim any excess graphic during the resin/fiberglass lamination application. To ensure rich blacks; Black should be; C=50 M=20 K=10 Y=100, it’s recommended but not required. Do you need help with custom graphics major edits or fully custom graphic creations, we can also help and it start at $75-150 to create depending on complexity plus above material printing costs.

Sending Your File

Once your art is complete, you can email us at for files up to 20MB. Larger files can be uploaded to filedropper, senduit, wetrasfer or dropbox. Once those are uploaded you can email the link to our email.

If you have any other questions please use the contact form below and make sure to go check out our gallery of boards printed here.