Wholesale Material

Laminate Materials
We offer two different premium printing materials specifically for surfboard graphics.

BriteLite Poly Fabric
This is our best material and our customer favorite. It provides very bright, vivid, crisp graphics and is ideal for any type of graphics from simple black and white line art to full color highly detailed photos. BriteLite Poly fabric is a white 2oz. polyester woven fabric that’s 80% transparent. It’s also easy to laminate and wets out nicely and does not cause air bubbles like other materials in the industry. BriteLite rolls are 50 ft. x 60 inches and 150ft. x 60 inches and prices starting at $450. Discounts available for larger quantities.

ProLite rice paper
This is an extremely lite synthetic silky paper that weighs 1oz. It’s 95% transparent and very seamless looking once laminated and blends in well with the foam blank. Colors are slightly muted compared to BriteLite. It’s impervious and wets out very well with polyester and epoxy resins. It’s ideal for med. to small graphic jobs such as logos and 1ft to 5ft long graphics. Darker colors are recommended for best results. ProLite rolls are 100ft. x 25 inches for $285. Discounts available for larger quantities.

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